my favorite hair products.

photo by Bryan Castillo

This product has definitely changed my haircare situation. I talked about it in my favorites but I figured I could share how I use it. If I put zero product in my hair after washing, it will be a frizzy, poofy mess. I have tried several products to help tame the frizz but nothing has come close to this gem! I like to run a quarter size amount through towel-dried hair and either blow dry or air dry my hair before styling. It's smells so fresh and definitely does not feel weighty or oily in my hair. AMAZING.

EVA NYC Surfs Up! Texture Spray

I don't know about you, but I'm all about messy, texturized hair. When styling my hair, I like the finished look to seem effortless and this is the perfect product to texturize a style with. I especially love using it on the ends of straight or curled hair. A few sprays will give a beachy, texturized, effortless look to your locks.

When I first used this product, I immediately was singing that Rihanna song, "Where Have You Been" because seriously... this stuff is cray. The first time I used it I was curling my hair with a wand and as I sprayed each curled section, it was like magic. My hair immediately had this amazing volume. Not kidding, I was shocked. It does not feel sticky or heavy and can definitely be brushed through. I also like spraying it to the ends of the hair for added piecy-texture. And can we talk about the price? For being such an awesome hair spray, this product is SO CHEAP.

This is a great product for those of you with natural curl or wave in your hair. First of all, it smells AWESOME. It also really helps hold and define my waves after sleeping on french braided hair. Before going to bed, I apply a dime-size amount to damp hair, french braid, take out the braid in the morning, and I have soft-beachy waves that will hold for days (tutorial?). Those of you who are lucky enough to have naturally curly hair and like to blowdry with a diffuser will love this product!

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Professional Deep Recovery Hair Mask

This is one of my all time favorite deep conditioners because I can feel an immediate difference after using it. My hair feels softer and stronger even after leaving on for a only few minutes. On a day where I have the time, I will generously apply this hair mask and leave on for 30 minutes - 1 hour. After rinsing, OH MY GOODNESS wow. My hair feels like new hair. Honestly it is awesome and you cannot beat the price.

Last, but most definitely not least, is the product I could never live without. Dry shampoo has truly saved my hair! I used to wash it every single night because if I didn't, my hair would be so oily the next day. Well it turns out my hair was over-producing oil to compensate from my constant shampooing which was cleaning my hair but inevitably destroying it by stripping the natural oils. Despite being oily at the roots, my ends were very dry and brittle from the daily styling. Dry shampoo is amazing because it allows the production of natural oils but absorbs the excess oil from your scalp and leaves your hair looking and feeling completely refreshed with lots of body! I love this particular dry shampoo because it blends in with my dark hair and smells so fresh! I also like using it before doing any type of updo because it gives such great texture. With the help of this product, I can go three to four (mmm sometimes five...) days without washing/styling my hair!

What are your favorite hair care products? As always, looking for new suggestions :)