favorite bronzers & highlighters.

Highlight: ColourPop Cosmetics - Wisp, Becca Cosmetics X Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop.
Contour: Too Faced Matte Bronzer - Chocolate Soleil
Since summer is here, I figured I'd share my favorite bronzers and highlighters to help achieve that perfect bronzed, glowy look! With this mixture of drugstore and high end products, you cannot go wrong!

This highlighter is a recent favorite of mine. I absolutely love the golden, glowy sheen it gives to the skin. Unlike other drugstore highlights, this one is not chunky or glittery and is very long wearing. I use the top two strips to highlight my cheekbones and the bottom half as a shimmery blush. I would definitely say this is my favorite drugstore highlight.

Although it is labeled as a bronzer, this drugstore product is perfect for highlighting the face. It is a beautiful champagne-gold color that gives off the most gorgeous glow!

ColourPop Cosmetics Highlighter - Wisp

Oh my goooooosh. I cannot gush enough about this highlighter. It is that gorgeous. This creamy, golden highlight has the most unreal pigmentation. It gives that wet, dewy highlight look and I am OBSESSED. It's absolutely stunning on its own, but I also love using it as a base and then going back in with a different highlighter to get a super intense glow. LOVE. And it's only $8.00.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - Opal

How can you go wrong with this highlight!? The formula is absolutely unreal. It has such a creamy texture, but works like a powder. This shimmery, golden highlight is unlike any other I've ever seen and this shade is perfect for olive skin tones. It is seriously so beautiful.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed - Champagne Pop

I just had to mention this bad boy. You all know about my obsession with Jaclyn Hill and when she announced her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, I was counting down the days until I could order from Sephora! Jaclyn's goal in creating this product was to make the product work for any skin tone. She definitely succeeded and with the most GORGEOUS highlight. I recently did my sister's makeup for her engagement photos and I used Champagne Pop to highlight. My skin tone is a lot darker than hers but this highlight looked equally as beautiful on her! I am obsessed. I have not stopped using it since I bought it.

This powder is PERFECT for a bronzy, summer glow. Although it's labeled as a bronzing powder, it is a beautiful golden highlight on darker skin tones. For only $2.00, you cannot go wrong with this gorgeous, glowy highlight!

This bronzer has been a favorite of mine for so long. It is such an amazing and versatile bronzing powder that works for so many different skin tones. It blends beautifully into the skin and is incredibly pigmented. I also LOVE the brush that comes with it!

All time favorite bronzer to date. I have never used a bronzer that blends so beautifully and effortlessly into the skin. The shade is GORGEOUS. Not orangey at all and PERFECT for contouring or an all around bronzed look. Annnnnnd it smells like chocolate.