july favorites.

I've heard amazing things about Milani for years but haven't been able to find the brand in any of my local drugstores! FINALLY my Fry's put in a whole Milani section and I've been stalking it for weeks trying to find this blush. It is 100,000,000% worth the hype! Luminoso is the most beautiful peachy-sheen blush and I'm obsessed. It has great pigmentation that lasts the whole day. SO beautiful.

from left to right: la la, mittens, on the rocks

I now finally understand the Colourpop buzz and I'm a little nervous about how obsessed I am with the brand. These shadows have such an interesting consistency that is so different than any other shadow I've tried but they are so amazing! They have a creamy texture that I find applies best with my fingers and blends out beautifully with a brush. And can we talk about the GORGEOUS pigmentation!? I especially love the shimmery and metallic colors.

I cannot handle how obsessed I am with this color. Ever since I started wearing Transylvania by NYX (a vampy, purple shade) last year, I've been on the hunt for a vampy, brownish-red color. I've finally found it! Creature is the coolest color and the formula of these lippie-sticks is amazing and very long-lasting. LOVE!

I don't know how I ever lived without this highlight... Okay that was a little dramatic, but seriously, this is unlike any other highlight I own! It is a creamy highlight that gives a luminious, wet look to the skin. Perfect for a dewy makeup look! I also absolutely love wearing it as a highlight base. Sweep any other highlight on top and it gives such intensity! I love, love, love this product.

I've never tried any MAC mascaras and I have to say this one it pretty freakin' awesome. I would definitely define this product as a volumizing and lengthening mascara. It makes your eyelashes SO long! I fell in love with it this month and definitely think its worth the money.

I can't tell you how many high-end self tanners I've tried this month and this one was a million times better than them all. I was shocked at how much I loved it! The color pay off is FANTASTIC and it's so easy to apply! I like to apply using a self tanning mitt and a little bit of product usually seeps through to my hand, but it easily washes off with soap and water. After I let the product sit for 10 minutes, I can dress and the product does not rub off onto my clothes or anything else in the house! I will say that the smell is not even the slightest bit pleasant and the mousse feels pretty sticky on the skin but that is to be expected with almost any self-tanning product. For the price, I can definitely say this self-tanner is a must!

I already talked about this in my bronzer/highlight favorites but I had to mention it again because it's probably my favorite beauty product of July and possibly the whole year. Anything Jaclyn does is amazing and she succeeded once again with this highlight. I'm sure every beauty guru will agree with me on this. It is seriously the most gorgeous highlight I have ever used that works for a gigantic range of skin tones and I'm definitely contemplating forking out the money to buy another one since it's limited edition!

What were your favorites during the month of July?