Red Door Spa | Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor.

I am so excited to share my thoughts with you about this pretty little bottle. Skin care is SO important to me. For years I was not careful about protecting my skin from the sun, and I'm so glad my dermatologist talked some sense into before it was too late. Now, I won't even walk 5 steps out the door without applying sunscreen. 

I LOVE that the Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor contains SPF 50! I have used so many other products recommended by my dermatologist that don't even have as much protection as this product. I also love that it's universally tinted to match any skin tone, so you're not left with that weird white-cast that most moisturizers containing SPF have. When the product dries down, it leaves you with a very natural-matte finish, not oily or shiny at all which is awesome if you plan to wear it alone! What's also amazing about this product is that it's anti-aging! 

If you care about protecting and preserving your skin, you have to check out the Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor. You will not be disappointed!

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